Conference on Sacred Spaces
Liverpool Hope University

I seek to bring about deeper awareness and transformation in relation to spiritual and social issues. I  work with faith groups and those who subscribe to no established belief, believing that the deepest truths are universal – and that everyone has a spiritual core. I don’t give lectures – I provide experiences designed to help people explore particular themes and questions for themselves. Particular topics which fascinate me include:

Noughts and crosses:

A process designed to help us increase our awareness of the deeper associations which we have with both crosses and circles, how they complement each other and might apply to our lives.

Journeying through the heart:

An exploration of how we can use the the heart and the lungs as a guide to how we can renew and transform ourselves so as to bring more energy and compassion into our own lives and the communities in which we live and work.

Wholeness, vulnerability and the margins:

A process in which we become more aware of vulnerability in the margins both within and outside ourselves, and how we can integrate them in a way that leads to greater wholeness.

You make people think and look at Christianity in a different way and that is a rich vein in which to grow spiritually.

Sharon Seal, Leader of Pastoral Care at St Giles’ and St George’s Church, Ashtead, Surrey

I have run sessions at events including Greenbelt (Festival of music, justice and the arts), Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering, Woodbrooke Study Centre, Festival of Social Sculpture (Oxford) and the Liverpool Hope University Conference on Sacred Spaces. I have also worked with  a range of different Churches and other organisations including L’Arche, the House of Prayer and Quiet Gardens.

A blessing of Angels for L’Arche is here